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Paris ComboPass®

combo paris pass

Short description

ComboPass® Paris pass is a combo pass deal for Paris including: Paris Visite metro pass, Paris museum pass, River cruise tour and numerous add-ons listed below.

Type of passes

  • Lite (1 or 2 days) or Premium (2, 4 or 6 days with extra day metro add-on)
  • Adult only
  • Children/teen will get individual passes since museums are free for them
  • Add-ons: Paris Hop on hop off bus, RER train tickets to Disneyland or Versailles, Versailles fountain show.

Description Lite version (1 or 2 days)

This is the cheapest combo pass around for a stop over or week-end break. It includes the unlimited travel pass Paris metro pass 1 or 2 days, Louvre ticket (1 day version), Louvre and Orsay museums tickets (2 days version) and a free one hour commented river cruise on the Seine river. Special discounts at some places showing your metro pass and 30 days online French lessons for free and a free street/metro Paris map. We never used it but we’re certain it perfectly fits needs for short stays, click here for more details. You can also order the add-ons listed that are accessible to both versions.

December 2013 update: I just discovered a new version named ‘Suburban’ Lite pass, same as above but including 5 zones travel pass for Disneyland residents, good to know.

Description Premium version (2, 4 or 6 days)

This is the only combo pass available that covers the lengh of a stay without holes for transportation for 3 or 5 days. Based on the number of days requested, it will include the unlimited travel pass Paris metro pass, Paris museum pass and a free one hour commented river cruise on the Seine river. Special discounts at some places showing your metro pass and 30 days online French lessons for free and a free street/metro Paris map.

The metro pass card covers 3 zones, meaning the entire city of Paris and that’s where the add-ons are really useful because you will need special train tickets if you wish to visit Versailles Castle or Disneyland. A new add-on is now apparently available in 2015 to extend your metro pass for one extra day. Click here for Premium combo pass rates.

Why kids/teens don’t need such combo pass? Because access to museums and monuments is free for them in Paris (if aged under 18). They will only need to get their metro pass, river cruise ticket and they will be able to follow the parents and cut the lines  showing their adult passes.


This is the combo pass that we’re all using since a few years because it’s so convenient with the add-ons, flexibility with coverage and fabulous delivery service. We used once the Paris pass but switched to Paris ComboPass because it’s more flexible and much cheaper for the same services. Since we have a bunch of kids, the ability to get them their own passes and follow us wherever we’re going is really great.

20 thoughts on “Paris ComboPass®

  1. We are interested in the Combo pass.
    Metro & Museum with Versailles extra.

    With the Versailles does it include Mary Antionettes hamlet as well.
    What about Monets Gardens.
    Thank you

    • Hello Sue, sorry but I can’t help with such details, please contact them directly and they will help you. Thanks.

  2. If I buy a hop on bus tour extra can I use it without starting the rest of the combo pass I am going to be in paris for 9 days?

    • Hi Grace, yes you can, the hop on bus passes they will provide as no dates on them therefore you can use them whenever you want.

  3. hi
    i need to know if i can use the cruise ticket separately before using the 4 days combo pass as i will visit paris for days including the coming day which will be almost half day

  4. Hi Jeffrey,

    im so confused which is going to be best to use. My girlfriend and i are in Paris in April for 2 nights but 3 whole days. We would like to have a river cruise, hop on bus tour, go to the Palace of Versailles and then just see some of the major sights and museums. Which is going to be best for us??

    Thank you

    • Hi Richard, we’re talking about Combopass here. I understand your confusion but by selecting the Premium 3 Days it will cover your needs. Just add the hoho add-on as well as the Versailles train tickets to get there. River cruise tour is already included with this pass.


  5. Hey!

    I chanced upon your website and I am so glad to find this gem! I am travelling to Paris for the first time this coming March and I was just wondering if the Combopass also allows “skip-the-line” as what it offers in paris pass?

      • Hi Jeffrey,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I just did a comparision again with paris pass. Paris pass offers “Free 1 day hop-on-hop-off bus tour”, while combo pass needs to purchase the HOHO as a add-on right?

        • True! That’s where you need to look closely at figures compared to service offered. You can purchase the hoho add-on with the combo pass which is a 2 days using Opentour that has more routes and stops than the one offered by Paris pass, and combopass is still cheaper including the add-on.

  6. Jeffrey, I first visited your blog then decided to go for the 2 days Lite version of this pass. I was on business trip to Paris last week and this pass is fantastic because none of the tickets/passes are date specific. I could use them whenever I wanted and in fact used them all, really a great buy. Thanks for this useful blog. Sarah.

  7. we are a group of 6 adulta, 2 seniors, 2 teenagers and 1 child travelling to Paris and want to purchase your Combo Paris tickets for 4 days.

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