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Louvre Tickets Pass

Musee Louvre ticket or pass Paris

Short description

Cut the line Louvre tickets with special door entrance.

Type of passes

  • Adult
  • Access to museums in Paris is free if under 18


That’s the kind of ticket that can save your day! You will enter Le Louvre using a priority door without avoiding security check of course. Ticket valid for the day at Louvre Museum and also at Eugene Delacroix museum. Ticket valid for permanent collections. Kids can enter with you and cut the lines with parents. This ticket is available for sale at https://www.justring.com (Orsay museum ticket available there too).

Tip: Louvre museum offer free access to all the first Sunday of each month. You do not want to try this, the line is huge and is not worth it. Avoid those days, there’s no deal but just a waste of time.



Perfect choice for short stays in the city. Paris museums pass is useless since valid for a minimum period of 2 days granting access to  50 museums/monuments, this is a joke. If you’re staying one or two days then you better buy individual tickets like this one.

2 thoughts on “Louvre Tickets Pass

  1. I wonder if you have this information, is it possible to get in and out of the louvre or do we have to pay again to get back in? Thanks Jeffrey for your useful blog.

    • Good question! When entering Le Louvre using the pyramid entry, you will be able to start your visit from any of the 3 wings of the museum (Richelieu, Sully, Denon), each wing returns to central hall (pyramid). You’re requested to show your ticket while entering each wing, this means that you can decide to get out of the museum and return later showing again your ticket at any of the 3 wings. Of course, you will have to get through main security check again.

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