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Paris a la Carte

Hop on hop off bus in Parishop on hop off boat Paris

Short description

Combine Opentour Paris Hop on hop off buses with Batobus river shuttle.

Type of passes

  • 2 or 3 consecutive days
  • Adult or child (under 12)


I suggest to first read the descriptions of this combo: Paris hop on hop off buses and Batobus using the appropriate tabs above. This combo is named ‘Paris A La Carte’. Batobus is an excellent addition to open deck buses passes, you will have access to buses and river shuttle using one unique pass. We, as well as the 5 families, didn’t use it yet only separately but I think it could be interesting for some of you looking for a complete Paris bus/boat hoho option. Available for sale Paris a la carte online.


Make your choice: either separated pass or combo A La Carte!

6 thoughts on “Paris a la Carte

  1. Hi,
    Wonderful website! My friend and I are visiting Paris for 3 days travelling all the main attractions. We would want to travel via busses, metros and RER with one single pass. Is it possible? If yes, could you kindly let me know where can I buy it? If no, can you please suggest the best possible way to get around in Paris? Thanks in anticipation, it would be a great help!

  2. Hi…

    Firstly wonderful wonderful wonderful website.

    I am looking at going to Paris for 3 days 2 night flying in early morning and leaving late night on the last day, as wanting to make the most of the city. It will be for 3 adults.

    I am thinking of getting the Batobus pass for two days and contemplating getting either the Carnet tickets or getting a metro pass, what would be your opinion?

    I have also seen the Paris A La Carte pass on your site, would this be a better option?

    Thank for the Lourve tip and not getting the museum passes seeing as we’ll be doing more sights than museums but can’t miss the Monalisa.

    Look forward to your reply, Thanks in advance.

    By the way did I mention what a wonderful website this is!!!

    • Thanks Taufiq, I’m taking care of this blog on my spare time, I’m happy if it helps people. Paris a la Carte is kind of nice because it combines Batobus and Hop on/off, a good and cheap way to discover Paris but for sure, you will need some metro tickets to get back to your hotel or go somewhere not covered. I don’t think it’s worth getting a metro pass.

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