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Paris Museum Pass

Sample of a paris museum pass card

Short description

Paris museum pass is a ‘cut the line‘ pass including free entrance to more than 60 museums and monuments in Paris.

Type of passes

  • 2, 4 or 6 consecutive days
  • Adult only since museums are free if aged under 18


This is a foldable card on which you will print your name and the date of first use. In most museums you will see two lines, one for ticketing and the other one for security check. Just go straight to the security check and show you pass for entrance. In two well known cases, you won’t be able to cut the lines because ticketing/security has only one queue, I’m talking about Notre-Dame towers and the splendid Sainte Chapelle (don’t miss it!), no choices there, you will have to wait in line but you won’t pay for entrance.

While the 4 and 6 days versions proves to be a great deal, I would say that the 2 days one can be oversized considering the number of places you can really visit in just 2 days? Let’s say that you’re spending half a day at Le Louvre, then you have 1 day and an half left for the other 60 museums/monuments? Consider buying individual tickets instead as explained in Louvre tickets page. Again like for the other passes, hotel delivery (or home) is so convenient via this online ticket desk, no time wasted figuring out where to buy knowing that it’s available for sale at participating museums, the only thing is that you need to enter the museum first.


Not suitable for short stays otherwise go for it, also included in some combo passes listed in tabs above.

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    • True, because there’s only one line for security/ticketing, same for Sainte Chapelle. I suggest to go there early, visit them first, opening time are 10AM for Notre Dame towers and 9:30AM for Ste Chapelle, be there 30 minutes before.

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