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Paris Pass

Paris pass

Short description

Paris Pass is a combo pass deal for Paris including: Paris Visite metro pass, Paris museum pass, Hop on hop off bus, River cruise tour, more details below.

Types of Paris Pass

  • 2, 4 or 6 days
  • Child/teen/adult passes


First, the ‘Paris pass‘ is not an official city pass, this is a bundle of passes like the combopass. It includes the unlimited metro pass for 2, 4 or 6 days, the museum pass (same length), 1 day of Big Bus hop on/off buses, one hour river cruise, wine tasting session, Grevin wax museum and a guidebook. We used it  (two families) and we were quite disappointed afterwards and we’re going to explain why. We selected home delivery and got them in time, no problem there. The main reason why we selected this pass deal was for the wine tasting (certainly not wax museum looking at French people you never heard of, a total waste of time!) and while in Paris, the wine company could not find any available spots for us during our stay. Weird enough, you end up paying for things you won’t do because of lack of time or availability. The big surprise was back home when comparing prices with the ComboPass, the Paris pass was so overpriced, we couldn’t believe the rate difference for almost exactly the same services, you can check  their rates here compared to Combopass rates here, this is really crazy. We finally made the wine tasting last year but by booking/paying directly, no more bad surprises. One last detail about the hop on/off, they are using Big Bus that has just a few stops and a lack of frequency where you almost have the time to walk from stops to stops.


Which pass is best for paris? Forget about Paris pass and take Paris ComboPass instead directly from the provider, it’s cheaper and it offers much more flexibility. The Paris pass is a very attractive marketing thing but overly priced by 20 to 30%(!) after comparaison. Their markup is very high because they need to feed their distribution network with fat commissions, stay away and you will save money for a good restaurant in Paris!

14 thoughts on “Paris Pass

  1. Hi Jeffrey
    I am glad I found your blog. We are family of 3 adults and 3 children (16,14 and 6).leave London by Euro star and will go to lourdes on the same day by RER.
    After 4 days coming back to Paris by RER. Staying in Paris for 5 nights. From paris one day go to Nevers by RER and two days to go Disneyland by RER.Is this best option? Travel around paris buy 5 days metro pass then extend for last day.planning to stay close to any mero. Pls help. I am bit confused.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Emmanuel, do not mix RER and regular SNCF trains. RER trains are only in Paris, therefore to go to Lourdes or Nevers, you’ll be taking regular (national) SNCF trains.
      While in Paris, if you’re only going to Disneyland, then I suggest to get 3 zones passes and individual tickets for Disneyland. You’ll need to buy tickets at the station to get to Nevers.

  2. Hi Jeffrey, I was looking at the Paris pass website and couldn’t find an information about transportation outside Paris. Do you know if we can reach Dinseyland using their metro pass? Thanks.

  3. I’m so glad I’ve found this blog. I’m visiting Paris each year during Easter which is a very busy period. I used Paris pass a couple of times without any particular issues. I will use the concierge combo pass this year to save money and afford my “croissants” expenses in Paris! 🙂

      • Hi Jeffrey, thank you so very much! Everything you stated in this blog about the Combopass from Conciergerie is true. This is a great money saver, you don’t have to pay for things you won’t do compared to Paris pass. All passes were stored in a very neat package, I highly recommend.

  4. I agree with your statement, we bought the paris pass back in August and it wasn’t such a great deal, really expensive, “oversized” with things you don’t do but still pay for anyway.

    • No since the metro pass included covers only 3 zones. You will need to buy individual roundtrip train tickets to get to Versailles (5 zones).

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