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Paris Metro Pass


Short description

Using the Paris Visite metro pass, you will have unlimited access and travel by metro, bus, rer trains and the funicular in Montmartre.

Type of passes

  • 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days
  • 3 or 5 zones
  • Adult or child (under 12)
  • Free access to public transportation if aged under 4


So, this Paris metro pass is named ‘Paris Visite Pass‘ and it’s valid for consecutive days and will start the first day you use it for calendar days. This means that if you start your pass the first day at 6PM then first day will end at midnight therefore it’s better to start it in the morning.

Paris transportation system is split into zones. 1 to 3 zones covers the entire city of Paris and very close suburbs while 1 to 5 zones will include Paris of course but also destinations like Versailles castle located SW, Disneyland located W of Paris or both Paris airports ORY/CDG. So, select the pass that best suits your needs but I will strongly suggest to not use it for airport transfers because very little is done when you need to carry luggages in stations, you will have to struggle with turnstiles and no space to pass your luggages. Not a great way to start your relaxing stay! You will find here a map showing Paris transportation zones and here a useful online metro map. Since a few years, we’re having these passes (included in combo pass) delivered directly to our hotels prior to arrival using this service, works perfectly, ready to go.


Frequent question: best to use single metro tickets or the Paris Visite metro pass? Ah, it depends in fact on how much you intend to use transportations. I was used to buy tickets by 10 but with a family of 4, you run out of them pretty quickly and you must know that more than 100 metro stations in Paris do not have attendants anymore but machines. Doing a simple calculation proves that the pass is a deal if you’re using transportation at least 3 to 4 times a day added to the fact that it also eases your mind with tickets handling.

You will also notice that there’s no 4 days pass, only 3 or 5. Just combine them to cover the length of your stay (either 3+1 or 2+2). Same thing if you’re staying more than 5 days.


We consider this pass as a must have as stand alone or included in the combo passes listed in tabs above. Some may use metro tickets instead, your call.
2013 Update: The small ticket was used to come with a black card, not needed anymore.

22 thoughts on “Paris Metro Pass

  1. I have a holiday plan to visit Paris in April for 4 night and Stay at Holiday in at Noissy Le Ville. Is this within zone 3? Will this be covered if I get Paris Pass? Understand nearest RER D’east?
    Thanks for Help.

  2. Hi Jeffery ,

    I ‘m planing to visit Paris from on June , 2015 for 10 Days with my wife and we will stay in Park & Suites Elégance Villejuif . we ‘re plan to visit major famous touristic places in paris except Disneyland so, first in which zone this hotel is located second are weekly single ticket are fine to transfer from Hotel to different places or I will need another ticket will be sutiable for that also are single ticket are vaild to move between 1-3 Zone or from 1-5 Zone duriung 2 hours or not if not what is the availbility for single ticket .
    what is the best link for shared shuttle from Airport CDG to my hotel thanks a lot for your cooperation .

    • Hi Ahmed, your hotel is located within 3 zones and you can combine Paris metro passes (2,3 or 5 days) along with metro tickets. If you’re going to use intensively the metro during 10 days then just go for metro passes (5 days x 2). You will find shuttle companies here: .

  3. This will be my first trip to Paris and alone, and will be staying in Vincennes from Dec. 17-24. I’ll be in Paris for 7 days, and I plan to see as many sights as possible and to use public transport. Which is the best pass to get: Paris Pass, Paris Combo, or what? I want to see Versailles as well. If anyone can help me know which is best, I would greatly appreciate it. Merci beaucoup.

    • Hello Donna, your hotel is located within 3 zones therefore you can either select a metro pass for 7 days (5 + 2 days) or eventually the Paris Pass or Paris ComboPass for 6 days that includes the metro pass, museum pass and river cruise tour. The ComboPass has an add-on for train tickets to get to Versailles.

    • Yes, the answer to this question was just below. All Paris’s arrondissements (1 to 20) are located within zones 1 to 3.

    • It’s not named “region” but rather “Arrondissement” or district. There are 20 of them inside Paris and yes it’s covered by zone 1-3 pass.

  4. Hello Jeffrey,

    Does the Paris Visite pass include the hop on hop off bus travels? How many kinds of buses are there in Paris? Are all of these included in this pass?

    • Hi Arun, Paris visite pas is valid only for use on public transportation like metro or public buses. Hop on/off are operated by private companies like les Car Rouges, Opentour and you need to buy separate passes to use them.

  5. Do you know the difference between the mobilis cards that cover 1 and 2 zones and the metro pass 3 zones, that’s confusing. Thanks for your help. Mark.

  6. Hello Jeffrey, if I buy the 3 day 1-3 zones; can I buy an upgrade or how can I do if I need to go to the airport for one day?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Jose, you can’t upgrade but you can easily buy a single rountrip ticket to get to the airport showing your 3 days pass. They should issue a ticket corresponding to the fare remaining between 3 and 5 zones. Do you speak French? ;-) Good luck!

  7. I have two tickets that I didn’t use last year with the black cards, do you think there’s still valid for usage this year? Thank you very much for your assistance, I can’t find this information on the internet.

    • I had to call a friend in Paris to get you this information. I confirm that your tickets are still valid if you stored them properly. There are very sensitive to magnet exposure. Don’t take the black cards, you won’t need them except to store the tickets? This black card was really useful for safe ticket storage.

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