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Paris Metro Pass

paris metro pass sample 

Short description

Using the Paris metro pass, you will have unlimited access and travel by metro, bus, rer trains and the funicular in Montmartre.

Types of Paris metro pass

  • 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days
  • 3 or 5 zones
  • Adult or child (under 12)
  • Free access to public transportation if aged under 4

Description of Paris metro pass features

So, this Paris metro pass is named ‘Paris Visite Pass‘ and it’s valid for consecutive days and will start the first day you use it for calendar days. This means that if you start your pass the first day at 6PM then first day will end at midnight therefore it’s better to start it in the morning.

Paris transportation system is split into zones. 1 to 3 zones covers the entire city of Paris and very close suburbs while 1 to 5 zones will include Paris of course but also destinations like Versailles castle located SW, Disneyland located W of Paris or both Paris airports ORY/CDG. So, select the pass that best suits your needs but I will strongly suggest to not use it for airport transfers because very little is done when you need to carry luggages in stations, you will have to struggle with turnstiles and no space to pass your luggages. Not a great way to start your relaxing stay! You will find here a map showing Paris transportation zones and here a useful online metro map. Since a few years, we’re having these passes (included in combo pass) delivered directly to our hotels prior to arrival using this Paris metro passes online dealer, works perfectly, ready to go.

paris metro zones

Frequent question: best to use single metro tickets or the Paris Visite metro pass? Ah, it depends in fact on how much you intend to use transportations. I was used to buy tickets by 10 but with a family of 4, you run out of them pretty quickly and you must know that more than 100 metro stations in Paris do not have attendants anymore but machines. Doing a simple calculation proves that the pass is a deal if you’re using transportation at least 3 to 4 times a day added to the fact that it also eases your mind with tickets handling.

You will also notice that there’s no 4 days pass, only 3 or 5. Just combine them to cover the length of your stay (either 3+1 or 2+2). Same thing if you’re staying more than 5 days.


We consider this pass as a must have as stand alone or included in the combo passes listed in tabs above. Some may use metro tickets instead, your call.
2013 Update: The small ticket was used to come with a black card, not needed anymore.
2016 Update: Some vending machines were used to offer the 1 day metro pass for sales and still is but credit card without chips are now refused for fraud reasons.
Some smart crooks were using stolen cards to buy tickets to then sell them right outside metro stations. Never buy any kind of metro tickets/pass from strangers.

If you don’t know which zone you’ll be residing in, just ask using the form down this page, I always do my best to help.

82 thoughts on “Paris Metro Pass

  1. Dear Jeffrey,
    We 3 adults of a family from India are visiting Paris from 19th July for 4 days and we have booked an apartment at Ivry Sur Seine. I want to know whether we can travel by train with luggage to this place and is it advisable to buy 2+2 days metro pass ? Shall we buy 1-3 zone pass or 1-5 zone pass? How much do these cost?where can we buy them? Thanks,
    Bina joshi

    • Hello Bina, Ivry sur Seine is located in zone 2 (border of 3) therefore the metro pass 3 zones will do the thing. Using the metro with luggage is somehow risky because some exit doors are really small and not practical to get through with luggage, my experience! You can buy them from this online ticket desk.

  2. Hi, we will be staying in Stade de France – Saint Denis area and will need to get to Porte du Saint-cloud for two consecutive days. Are we going to be staying within zone 1 and 2 or will it go into zone 3. Which is best to use can we use t+ ticket to get from one to the other in which case I would buy the book of 10 to make it cheaper and allow for some other travel or will a 2-day pass be cheapest. I can’t find the fare from origin to destination on this trip to work out cheapest transport option for the two days.
    Thanks Michelle

    • Hi, single regular ticket+ is better for single rides, if you intend to use more intensively the metro within Paris, then metro pass 1-3 zones is the right choice. Both destinations are located in zone 1-2.

  3. Hello
    We will be staying in saint Ouen, and arriving by eurostar. which zone is this covered in please. Also is it best to get the single tickets rather than the vistor pass, only staying for 2 nights. I note the pack of 10 tickets is quite good value?
    Thank you

    • Hi, St Ouen is located within 3 zones. I agree, tickets by 10 is the best option in your case, buy them from a metro station booth.

  4. Hello!
    I will be sightseeing in Paris for 4 days. I will be staying in a hotel in Osny.
    My question is that wheter travel Osny is covered in a 5 zone pass??
    Please respond ASAP. I will leave for france in a week.

    Thank you in advance

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for a very useful article.

    I have some questions:
    1. Me and my friend are going to stay in zone 5 in Paris for 7 days. We are planning to visit Versailles also. So which pass you think we should buy?

    2. With the pass we can use metro, bus, train, ect… right?

  6. Hi,

    My hubby & i will be in Paris on 14th – 17th May. We will arrive via London bus @ Bercy Station. I will be living at somewhere near Ourcq Canal, La Villette Park and buttes Chaumont park (metro Ourcq 5). I will be visiting Versailles on the Sunday. I am thinking of taking the Paris Visite tickets 3 days. I should get zone 1-5, right?

    • Hi Haniza, 3 zones pass is ok then get single roundtrip tickets to go to Versailles and return to Paris. It’s not worth taking a 5 zones pass if you’re only visiting Versailles.

      • Hi. We are 4 in our family- 2 kids and 2 adults. We are staying for 3 full days. We are just planning to go around the tourist attractions in Paris, the premium outlet and Versailles. Do you recommend the 3 or 5 zones?

  7. We are a family of 4. Will be arriving by eurostar at gare de nord and will be staying at Hotel du Palais bourbon for 2 nights . At 7 am on 3rd day we have to take the train to geneva from Gare lyon. Do you suggest we should take the metro Pass? which one would be suiatable and can it be delivered at home?

    • Hi, then it depends on how many times you intend to use the metro vs regular single tickets but that’s a good way to not worry about it since you can travel with no limits for 2 days using the pass. For the 3rd day, going to Gare de Lyon, just buy single tickets. The service I pointed at above do deliver worldwide.

  8. HI
    Me and 4 other friends are travelling to paris for 7 nights.
    Our apartment is in Gagny. (Ile de france )
    Our touring is pre booked and we have to travel everyday from Gagny to paris centre and back for most of the days.
    Is the visite card recommended or we should buy individual tickets for each day.
    We want to save on metros

    • Hi, definitively the pass option for 5 zones (to reach Gagny) since you’ll also need it to travel inside Paris using the Metro.

  9. I am travelling to Paris in June with a family of 4. Planning to stay near airport because hotels near eiffel towers are very expensive
    Planning to buy zone 5, 3 day Pass. Will pass cover my travel from airport to city / disney land and return or do i have to buy seperate ticket for airport?

    any recommendation?

    • My personal opinion is that your hotel doesn’t have to be located close to the Eiffel tower, you could find an affordable one inside Paris to enjoy the city at all time. In any cases, the answer is yes to your question, a 5 zones pass will cover your needs to reach the city and return to Airport area or Disneyland. I hope this will help.

        • Hi Robert, remember to start a fresh request otherwise visitors will be lost! 🙂

          To answer your question, know that metro connectivity is not the issue in Paris, you’re almost closed to anywhere in Paris using the metro. Referring to visiting with kids, my best source is this one: http://bit.ly/1WNgAP7

  10. Hey Joffrey

    I am staying near metro station Antony in sub urbs. I am planning a 5 day trip. I intend to walk a lot. Can you please suggest me an good and affordable pass.
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Kowtham, Antony is located by the limit of 3rd and 4th zone but still in 3rd zone so that’s what you will need to travel from Antony to Paris and return, there’s a metro pass for 5 days so that’s what I would suggest.

  11. Hi Jeffrey,

    My boyfriend and I will be visiting Paris for the first time together in February and will be staying in Hotel de la Porte Doreé. We are hoping to visit the Eiffel Tower and Disneyland during our two day stay. Would we need zones 1-5 on a travel card?

    • Sorry Hannah, I was away from my computer for some time. I hope it’s not too late to answer: Yes, you will need a 5 zone ticket/pass to get to Disneyland but only 3 zones for your hotel area and Eiffel tower.

  12. Hi Jeffrey.
    I will be travelling to Paris for my first time with my girlfriend on the 15th will fly in to CDG my hotel is 52 Rue Oradour-sur-Glane(oceania porte de versaille) – We have tickets for Disneyland, would it be best for us to buy a zone 5 ticket so we can travel from the airport to our hotel and then from there to Disneyland or would i be best buying the Zone 3 and paying seperate to get to the likes of Disneyland and back to the airport ? Any help much appreciated.

    • Hi Darren, I would say that the 5 zones pass is worth it only when travelling often within these zones. For only 2 round trips then you better get a 3 zone pass and buy separate RER tickets.

  13. Hi Jeffery ,
    I ‘m planing to visit Paris on december , 2015 for 10 Days with my wife, mom and child below 3. and i booked a apartment in auburvillers ( i dont know its zone). we ‘re planning to visit major famous touristic places including Disneyland, Versailles palace and Eiffel tower. which is the best way to book my transportation . my flight will reach paris around 6.00p.m in paris at Airport CDG. we are 3 adults .please guide me best way and pocket saver suggestion.

    • Hi Ashwani, Aubervilliers is located within 3 zones which covers the entire city of Paris too. Therefore you’ll only need metro passes for 3 zones (you can cumulate 2 x 5 to cover 10 days) and special train tickets to get to Versailles and Disneyland located in 5 zones area. As for airport transfers, you’ll have to buy tickets at the closes RER line station (Line B3). Check the website listed above for details, ask them, they will help. Your 3 years old child will travel for free.

  14. Jeffrey – I don’t have a question. Just really appreciate the time you have taken to answer so many questions. I got many of mine answered just by reading through your responses. Your thoroughness is appreciated!

      • I was just thinking the same thing — very informative as I’m planning a trip next week myself and trying to figure out — may still have a question for you, but *thank you* for all the input and tips you’ve posted here — great!

  15. Ok, I’ve looked at the sites and wanted to double check that this makes the most sense – I will be in Paris from Sunday afternoon – leaving Wednesday evening. I fly into from Orly but will be leaving from CDG. I plan to use the metro a lot as I will be staying in the Montmartre area. So that’s 4 days, mostly within the city (zones 1-3), and then also the airport into the city trips. I’m thinking of using the RER to get back and forth from the airport – which would be a separate, wider-range ticket (zone 1-5), correct? So should I do a zone 1-3 ticket for 2 days and 2 single day zone 1-5 tickets, or is there an easier way? Also can I buy these all at once (at Orly?) or do I have to buy them separately? I know they don’t “kick in” until you use them. Thanks so much, your site is very helpful!

  16. We want to visit the Aquaboulevard de Paris (waterpark), but I don’t know what zone it is in? will I need to buy the zone 1-3 or 1-5 card to visit here? its a 4 rue Louis Armand, 75015.

    • Donna, when you see a zip code starting with 75 (like 75015) this means that it’s located inside Paris, therefore 1-3 zones. Take a look at the map above, it’s located close to Porte de Versailles (SW).

  17. Hi Jeffrey,

    I would very much appreciate if you could tell me which zone ticket would I need, If the 1 to 3 or the 1 to 5? we will arrive around 10.00 am July 30 until 10.00 pm Aug 1st.
    Our hotel send me this info, saying I would need to take subway/underground: ligne 13 to station :Malakoff Rue Etienne Dolet.
    Hope you can help me with this!
    and thank you sooo much for your help!


  18. Hi Jeffrey,
    I am going to Paris with 3-4 friends. We plan to visit the Basilique du Sacre Coeur and Montmartre at night – 9pm or so. Is it OK to walk through Pigalle and see Moulin Rouge at that time or is it unsafe? What should we be careful about?

    • Hi, sorry but I was out of town, hope it’s not too late.
      Yes, this is ok because this area is still filled with tourists including Sacre Coeur and Place du Tertre but stay in this area. Watch out for pickpockets and don’t answer to any kind of sollicitation. Too bad that Montmartre is still polluted with “1 Euro” sellers everywhere…

  19. Hy Jeffrey,

    I”ll travel to Paris at first time (from10. July- to13.July) and i have questions:
    1) Our hotel is the Hotel Hibiscus Republique. Is it in the zone 1-3? Our journey includes 2 and a half day, and we would like to visit the downtown. Well, i think, that for us the Paris Visit card for 3 days (zone 1-3) is a good choice because- if i good understand- just the 2 airport, Versailles and Disneyland are not available with this card.
    2) With this card can we visit: Moulin Rouge, Pére Lachaise, Montmartre (are these in zone 1-3) ?
    3) Our airport, where we will arrive: Beauvais. How can we travel from airport to our hotel on the best way?

    Many thanks for the answers!

  20. Hi, I’ll be visiting with family in two weeks and can’t figure out which zone our hotel lies in. We will be staying at the Aparthotel Adagio Access Paris Saint Denis Pleyel. Does this (hopefully) lie in zones 1-3? Thank you.

  21. Hi,

    I’ll be visiting France for one full week from 13th to 20th july and I’ll be staying in Issy-Les Moulineaux. Which zone does it lie in? I would daily require to travel to Paris so i’m opting for one 5 day Paris visite pass and one 2 day pass, is it fine? Also, Which zone does Saint-Germain En Laye come in?
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Hi, Issy les Moulineaux is located in Zone 2 while St Germain en Laye is in Zone 4. That’s correct, you can cumulate the passes to cover your needs for 7 days.

  22. Hi Dear,

    a) Is my booked hostel; Trendy Hostel, Ivry sur Seine, comes under Zone 1-3?
    b) From CDG airport, should I pay ticket on Train-B & the use 1-3 Zone Pass while I am inside, to hostel & to city center attraction?
    3) for Just 2 nights stay should I take take 10 tickets pass?


    • Hi,

      So Ivry sur Seine is located in zones 2 and 3 therefore 1-3 zones pass is ok to use. For question b) yes, do that, as for the number of tickets, it depends on how much you’re going to use public transportation. It’s proven to be cheaper and hassle free to get a metro pass instead of tickets.

  23. Hi
    I an planning to visit paris on 4th of august 2015 for 4 days and I want your advice forfollowing points:
    1. we are family of 6 members we will stay at gare de lyon.
    2. We are planning to visit disney park and paris attractions.
    3. Also we will leave by eurostar train to london.
    what best metro an train tickets is best for us? and is it worthy to buy a Paris passes for all 6 of us or use a singles tickets.

    • If you intend to use metro/bus more than 3 to 4 rides a day then yes, a combo pass will be useful for two reasons: first, you need to look/count/queue for tickets, you’ll have unlimited access with a pass and second, the museum pass included will also save you time (cut the lines) and money. In addtion, you will also have a free seine river cruise tour. To get to Disneyland, you will need special train tickets since located in zone 5 (outside Paris).

    • You’re talking here about Paris metro pass right? Then yes, you can use RER with your metro pass, either within 3 or 5 zones depending on the one you will buy.

  24. I have a holiday plan to visit Paris in April for 4 night and Stay at Holiday in at Noissy Le Ville. Is this within zone 3? Will this be covered if I get Paris Pass? Understand nearest RER D’east?
    Thanks for Help.

  25. Hi Jeffery ,

    I ‘m planing to visit Paris from on June , 2015 for 10 Days with my wife and we will stay in Park & Suites Elégance Villejuif . we ‘re plan to visit major famous touristic places in paris except Disneyland so, first in which zone this hotel is located second are weekly single ticket are fine to transfer from Hotel to different places or I will need another ticket will be sutiable for that also are single ticket are vaild to move between 1-3 Zone or from 1-5 Zone duriung 2 hours or not if not what is the availbility for single ticket .
    what is the best link for shared shuttle from Airport CDG to my hotel thanks a lot for your cooperation .

    • Hi Ahmed, your hotel is located within 3 zones and you can combine Paris metro passes (2,3 or 5 days) along with metro tickets. If you’re going to use intensively the metro during 10 days then just go for metro passes (5 days x 2). You will find shuttle companies here: http://tinyurl.com/o9spyey .

  26. This will be my first trip to Paris and alone, and will be staying in Vincennes from Dec. 17-24. I’ll be in Paris for 7 days, and I plan to see as many sights as possible and to use public transport. Which is the best pass to get: Paris Pass, Paris Combo, or what? I want to see Versailles as well. If anyone can help me know which is best, I would greatly appreciate it. Merci beaucoup.

    • Hello Donna, your hotel is located within 3 zones therefore you can either select a metro pass for 7 days (5 + 2 days) or eventually the Paris Pass or Paris ComboPass for 6 days that includes the metro pass, museum pass and river cruise tour. The ComboPass has an add-on for train tickets to get to Versailles.

    • Yes, the answer to this question was just below. All Paris’s arrondissements (1 to 20) are located within zones 1 to 3.

    • It’s not named “region” but rather “Arrondissement” or district. There are 20 of them inside Paris and yes it’s covered by zone 1-3 pass.

  27. Hello Jeffrey,

    Does the Paris Visite pass include the hop on hop off bus travels? How many kinds of buses are there in Paris? Are all of these included in this pass?

    • Hi Arun, Paris visite pas is valid only for use on public transportation like metro or public buses. Hop on/off are operated by private companies like les Car Rouges, Opentour and you need to buy separate passes to use them.

  28. Do you know the difference between the mobilis cards that cover 1 and 2 zones and the metro pass 3 zones, that’s confusing. Thanks for your help. Mark.

  29. Hello Jeffrey, if I buy the 3 day 1-3 zones; can I buy an upgrade or how can I do if I need to go to the airport for one day?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Jose, you can’t upgrade but you can easily buy a single rountrip ticket to get to the airport showing your 3 days pass. They should issue a ticket corresponding to the fare remaining between 3 and 5 zones. Do you speak French? 😉 Good luck!

  30. I have two tickets that I didn’t use last year with the black cards, do you think there’s still valid for usage this year? Thank you very much for your assistance, I can’t find this information on the internet.

    • I had to call a friend in Paris to get you this information. I confirm that your tickets are still valid if you stored them properly. There are very sensitive to magnet exposure. Don’t take the black cards, you won’t need them except to store the tickets? This black card was really useful for safe ticket storage.

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