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Paris hop on hop off Bus

Pass Paris Opentour Hop on Hop off buses

Short description

Opentour Paris hop on hop off (aka ‘HOHO’) open deck buses to know Paris in 2 1/2 hours discovering almost all of the most important locations in Paris.

Type of passes

  • 1 or 2 consecutive days
  • Adult of child (under 12)
  • Free if under 4


Definitely, one of the best ways to discover Paris in a very convenient way. Just being at the upper deck, if there’s sunny weather, is the best way to discover which monuments, museums or any specific location you would like to visit later on. There is commentary audio with headphones (you can keep them!) on 10 different languages and of course, you can “jump in and out” as many times you like from 10AM until 6PM (more or less), so 8 hours of non stop visiting at your own will. Even if your carrying a small dog or luggage, no problem if it doesn’t block the ways of the other passengers. Another good thing about this L’Opentour, it runs 7 days a week, all year round, and the buses run every 10-15 minutes from April to October end every 25 to 30 minutes from November to March.

Yes, you can buy the tickets on board, but we opted for an alternative option, getting them in advance in our hotel, which avoided us to have to wait entering the bus for the purchase, instead we just “show n’ go” to the bus driver, better than paying there and make all the passengers wait because that’s the main reason why some stops are quite long. You can buy tickets online at this Paris hoho desk.

Buses can also be crowded, you can avoid it during high season in any bus company around.  You could also be lucky enough to have your Hotel located near one of the 50 stops from this tour, if not, maybe not far away!


We’ve discovered that the better price/value offer on these kind of “Hop On/Off” buses is L’Opentour vs Big Bus company; L’Opentour has 4 routes and 50 stops, and Big bus, 1 route and 11 stops only. Minimum difference on higher price for the L’Opentour, for a way better value for the money.

12 thoughts on “Paris hop on hop off Bus

    • Hello, your hotel is located outside Paris, you need to get to the center of Paris (like Madeleine, Opera) by metro to then board the hoho buses.

  1. I purchased vouchers for Paris red buses and had a horrible time with them last December because of strikes, a waste of time. My son is visiting Paris in February, what are the hoho companies available in Paris? Do you know if there are still issues with red buses?

    • I asked Paris tourist office and they confirmed that red bus service is back to normal since late December. There are two companies, the red bus (cars rouges) and Opentour (green buses).

    • Hello Janet! Difficult to say because there’s a bunch! Let’s say that if you find a hotel near Madeleine, Opera or Palais Royal areas then you’ll be sure to find a bus stop within walking distance.

  2. How does the hop on/hop off bus work in Paris? We took one in Manhattan and hated it. It was a waste of money as the bus did NOT move as the streets were packed and the cars were at a stand still. The buses were always full and sometimes we had to wait for almost 2 hours to catch the dang bus. There was a guide who supposedly spoke English but NO WAY was he speaking understandable, basic English.

    I wanted to take a bus tour of Paris just to get the overall, general feel for the city and then go back on our own (via the subway) and tour.

    • Of course, depending on traffic conditions, you may be stuck on some portions of a route but I never experienced such problem. Used to board Opentour (green buses), more stops, fantastic way to get in touch with Paris and somehow rest your feet when needed! 🙂

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